Durosnap's "BEE HAPPY" #5 Adirondack chairs are portable, rugged, and comfortable.   Durosnap uses a premier dual color plastic.  Meaning, no worries of your logo ever wearing off. We then carve your design through the first layer (measuring approximately 0.10").  Easy to assemble, no tools or hardware required. Simply slip the parts together in 2 minutes or less, and sit back and enjoy. Easily packs flat for portability and storage.  Built using mold resistant recyclable plastic.


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    • Flat packable & easy to assemble in 2 minutes or less. Can be taken apart for portability and easy storage in the same amount of time.
    • Made from recycled HDPE.
    • Stain and mildew resistant.
    • Easy to maintain and clean with soap and water.
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